About me

My name is Patrik Ferro.

My musical history starts at the age of 16 with the guitar and Maestro Ivan Nardini. For many years I played in a group of friends with the need to build their own music. Over time, the encounters have turned into improvisations, the simple expression and being together. Later I discovered the Handpan, the Harmonic Drums and I was attracted to the Harmonic Sound, in its "simplicity" yet so penetrating.


They become a Gong Master by attending the course, in Bologna, with Master Christof Bernhard of Gong Planet. I perform gong baths, also in collaboration with other operators, this gives me the opportunity to experience the effects of sound vibration in person. I still follow this path of life with the Sound, which has accompanied man for millennia. Sound is not only emotion and movement, but it is also curative both mentally and physically.

My works are the result of studies and tests, from the choice of materials to the finishes. The instruments are entirely handcrafted and of high quality.