TubularMoon 7 notes Brass

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The structure:

Paulownia wood structure.

Paulownia wood has been used for centuries in Japanese cabinetmaking for musical instruments, it is of notable lightness and low hardness, but of extraordinary dimensional stability.

The Paulownia tree has the characteristic of growing with remarkable speed and, for this reason, it is cultivated leaving the wooded landscape intact.

The aesthetic side finishing is in printed Fir or Pine.

To protect the wood, a colorless water-based impregnating agent and a light layer of varnish, always colorless, is used to better highlight the state of the natural wood


The tubes are made of a binary brass alloy which gives the sound a warmer and sweeter tone than aluminum. It has remarkable acoustic properties and it is no coincidence that it is used in the production of various musical instruments, the so-called "brass".

The surface is left natural because, in addition to having excellent aesthetic qualities, it also has excellent resistance to corrosion, therefore anodizing operations are not foreseen. The only "flaw", the weight, considerably higher than aluminum. For this reason it is produced only in 7 and 9 notes.

However, the creation of customized tools is possible; in case contact me directly.

Equipped with 1 medium-soft mallet


Sound experience

The timbre is precise, warm and full of defined harmonics envelop the listener's entire space, immersing it in a myriad of sounds. 
Sustain is the property of a musical instrument to maintain sound over time after being played.

This instrument has a very high sustain, on the lowest notes its duration is over 3 minutes.

For this 7-note version the indicated scale is a pentatonic.