TubularMoon 11 notes Aluminum

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The structure:

Paulownia wood structure and Fir finishes.

Paulownia wood has been used for centuries in Japanese cabinetmaking for musical instruments, it is of notable lightness and low hardness, but of extraordinary dimensional stability.

The Paulownia tree has the characteristic of growing with remarkable speed and, for this reason, it is cultivated leaving the wooded landscape intact.

The aesthetic side finishing is in printed Fir or Pine.

To protect the wood, a colorless water-based impregnating agent and a light layer of varnish, always colorless, is used to better highlight the state of the natural wood


The tubes are made of an aluminum alloy which gives the sound a crystalline timbre. The sustain (sound duration) is high and full of medium-high harmonics.

The natural surface is silver in color and may present small aesthetic (non-invasive) "defects" due to the processing, this does not affect the sound at all.

One of its characteristics is lightness, very useful for the transport and handling of the instrument.

Equipped with 1 medium-soft mallte


Sound experience

The high sustain and the timbre rich in defined harmonics envelop the listener's space, immersing him in a myriad of crystalline sounds.
Sustain is the property of a musical instrument to maintain sound over time after being played. This instrument keeps the sound in its deepest notes for almost 60 seconds.

In this 11-note version you can choose between various tunings or the total customization of the instrument.

We recommend a diatonic scale but without the 4th. The numerous notes available offer the performer the maximum excursion over two octaves. Compared to the smaller 7-note version, 2 low and 2 high notes are added. The sound experience is even richer and deeper, it is thus generated"Temple" effect ("stereo effect") which confuses the listener in the surrounding space, making the sound source unidentifiable.



At the customer's request, anodization can be carried out, an electrochemical process by which a protective oxide layer forms on the surface of the treated metal. The surface thus treated is homogeneous and gray in color.

The additional costs vary according to the size of the instrument.