Tubular Moon Resonance

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The structure:

Resonance box entirely in Paulownia wood.

Paulownia wood has been used for centuries in Japanese cabinetmaking for musical instruments, and more precisely in sound boxes. It is of notable lightness and low hardness, but of extraordinary dimensional stability.

The Paulownia tree has the characteristic of growing with remarkable speed and, for this reason, it is cultivated leaving the wooded landscape intact.

To protect the wood, a colorless water-based impregnating agent and a light layer of varnish, always colorless, is used to make the state of the wood stand out better.


The tubes are in aluminum alloy which gives the sound a crystalline timbre and treated with anodizing. Anodizing is an electrochemical process by which a protective oxide layer forms on the surface of the treated metal. The surface thus treated is homogeneous and light gray in color.

The sustain (sound duration) is very high in this instrument and full of medium-high harmonics.

One of its characteristics is lightness, very useful for the transport and handling of the instrument.


1 medium-soft mallet

1 painter's easel modified for correct support


Sound experience

In this version, the sounding board, gives the sound the rise of approx 10 db of the volume. While maintaining the characteristics of aluminum, the timbre is even richer in harmonics, especially low, and the vibration is very powerful, the sustain has also increased.

Compared to the horizontal version, the tubular resonance, can work vertically supported by a sturdy stand (modified painter), supplied. Verticality offers the possibility of individual treatments on the person, keeping the minimum distance from them, and covering a surface that goes from the pelvis to the head.

With the verticality of the instrument, in the Gong Baths, or sound, the sound "travels" horizontally, reaching very far; nothing prevents using it in the traditional way, placing it on the ground or on a support.

The recommended scale is C # major pentatonic with intonation at 432 Hz, frequency (known) of the vibration of the Earth. On request it is possible to build on any scale and intonation without additional costs; in which case the construction times are around 5 working days.