Intonation and Scale

There is talk of intonation in reference to the concept of tuning according to a precise tone, that is the reference frequency (tuning fork) so that the instrument (all notes) is perfectly in tune with respect to the chosen "system".

The ideal intonation for these instruments is of 432 Hz, known as Verdi tuning, believed to be "natural" frequency associated with alleged "paranormal" properties. This frequency is commonly used in music therapy.

The intonation a 440 Hz: in 1971 a delegation appointed by the Council of Europe decreed intonation with the La at 440 Hz, and was legally recognized. This means that, to play "together" with other instruments in the world, this is the pitch frequency that our instrument must have 

The Harmonic Scale:

In music theory, one ladder it is a sequence of sounds (notes) within an octave.

The known scales are numerous: different scales can have a different number of notes (five-sounding scales, seven-sounding scales, etc.) and different intervals between the notes. Different populations use different scales and the same population may have adopted different scales throughout history, for cultural reasons or for the use of different tuning systems.

Western music, from the Greek age to today, was based on seven-sound diatonic scales that divide the octave into five tones and two semitones. A piano has all the intervals (88 keys / notes). These instruments instead, like others, have much less notes (7-9-11 etc.), so here ... to make sure that all these intervals of notes are harmoniously "compatible" with each other, the instrument must be built on a scale precise.

Which one to choose?

Do not hesitate a method for choosing. The emotion of a certain type of intervals between sounds is completely subjective and personal. For those who approach for the first time with a musical instrument, it is not so fundamental. Inside the site you will find some stairs, listen to them, and try to understand which one makes you feel better or which is closest to your feeling.

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Examples of harmonic scales

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